Saturday, June 26, 2010

So much to do, so little time

Who hasn't uttered this phrase, or at least thought about it?

I'm probably over exaggerating, and when am I not (?), but it feels like there is SO MUCH TO BE DONE AROUND HERE. Especially with working full time, commuting 1/2 an hour each way every day, appointments, regular household chores.... And those household chores are never done, or being put off because I'm tired or something else comes up...sigh. I would love to have a household that's up and running. Maybe someday?

Confession time:
We are not fully unpacked from when we moved in, 8 months ago. It's not anything major that needs to be put away, but still, there are a few boxes and things not put away in our front room. In most American colonials this would be the "formal living room that no one ever goes into except when Great Aunt Helen comes over." Well, for us it's our library/office and we have no Great Aunt Helen! Part of the reason is because since the stuff isn't in our way, why bother putting it away? When we were renting the condo (home before here), it was really small so we couldn't afford to be climbing over things. Now, it's like "meh, who cares?" I really should care, though!

We are not really decorated. Save a few icons on the wall, a crucifix and three, count 'em! THREE pictures on the wall, that is it. No wedding pictures, no family pictures, nothing. This is sad. Not really any decorative items, either (vases, baskets, etc.). I am trying to keep the house minimalist at best (both for my sanity and my budget) but this is bordering on "no one lives here." And it's not like I don't have plenty of stuff. I do. Most of the decorating stuff is still in boxes/bags.

We have only painted one room. The family room. It's a pretty sage green color...but that was it. My first time painting, too. I was really excited and gung-ho, and then it fizzed out. I finished JUST before Christmas, and then I took a break, then I broke my hand, and and and. The bathrooms should be painted, only because the PO did a horrific job on them, and I think that would add a small touch of "my home" to the rooms. The other rooms need to be done professionally only because those are the rooms we live in (our bedroom, the kitchen) and I couldn't do that to myself or Turtle. When I paint, the house shuts down. It happened with the family room. No TV for almost 2 months!? It was crazy. Could you imagine if I painted the kitchen myself? We'd never eat in the house again. (Kidding) The kitchen does need some work done on the ceiling (not sure if the taping is the problem) so I'll have someone do that, and they might as well paint the entire room if they are here. Plus, I don't know how to paint the wall that is above the cabinets. I'm a tall girl. I wouldn't fit! Better to let a professional deal with it. I'm saving money for this, so while it might not be done soon, it will be done.

I'm sure I'm not the only one with these weird confessions about her house, but sheesh, I really thought I'd be rearing to go when we moved in. I admit, I was overwhelmed. Me and too many choices do NOT mix well. So many rooms, what to put where, we don't have a lot of stuff--all of these things rattled around my brain. It was almost like I was afraid to commit a table or basket to one room, when that is so silly because I could just MOVE it if I didn't like it. I also know that part of the hold up was my hand, and then it got really nice outside, so we've been working a lot on the yard and garden. That's normal--I can't do that in December! I can paint whenever and I can put stuff away whenever. Who knows, maybe in October I'll be decorating and painting?

I really should be off of the computer and working on a pile or box. Ha. But it's time to unload the dishwasher and take out the compost. Oh, compost. I should write a post about that, too....

EDIT: I just tweaked my Things to Do bar...and maybe things are coming along better than I'd previously thought!

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