Monday, April 23, 2012

iPad, you're cramping my style...

It's been almost a year since I won my iPad at a work-related conference. The past year has been a lot of fun; when I first got it, people asked me lots of questions about it, and it certainly is handy, and the apps have been helpful. All those good things that one would hope for in a gadget.

You're probably wondering, OK then, how does it cramp your style? 

I can't blog with the iPad. Sadness. First world problems. I know, big cry baby...

Wait, a lot of people blog with their iPads...even their iPHONES. Yes, technically, one can blog from an iPad. However, I cannot. I do not like the keyboard for "long-distance typing" aka, typing many paragraphs. Long things, like blog posts. Emails. Even my commenting on others' blogs has been impacted. If I had a laptop, it would be easier, since there would be a more "real-life" keyboard.

But don't you guys have a desktop? Yeah, we do...but that's in the other room, and at night, when Chris is in the TV room, he'd feel like I was avoiding him. I know this is true because before we got the iPad, he felt that way. There was a temporary reprieve when I was given the use of a work laptop that I never (ha!) often used for personal endeavors.

What about blogging at work? Are you crazy!? No way in hell. I wouldn't want anyone to find out. Well, I have done it a few times, and have used the "blog via email" feature, but work has been a little bit busier and I feel like I can't get a good post written when I'm doing it on the fly. Which is part of the reason why I haven't been writing as much lately.

You haven't been commenting either. I KNOW. This bothers me. A lot. Especially blogs like Jessica's--she always has such good posts and I know I have lots of things to say in reply to them. Just. can't. get. it. out. It's frustrating! I really felt like I was developing a rapport in the blogging world, maybe a very tiny one, but one regardless. I'll get back there, I know it! I've just gotta FIND THE TIME TO DO ALL THE THINGS!!! Including not ignoring my husband.

Speaking of the blogging world, please welcome my friend Anne and her blog, Whatever Works! I met Anne in college and even though she lives on the opposite side of the country and has two kids, we still have managed to keep in touch, sharing our struggles, our joys, and our faith.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost a month?

Ouch. I didn't think I'd taken that long of a hiatus.

It's getting harder and harder to keep up with blogging. For one, my department moved to a new area at work, which means NO CUBE. I sit in a room with my boss, my coworker and three people from another department. It reminds me of college--all of those desks in one small room, with very little privacy.

At home, I've been hanging out with Chris, and the iPad is not blogging-friendly. It's hard to do much on that thing; had I not won it through work, I don't think I would have bought one for myself. In fact, I would have rather had a cheapy laptop!!!! At least that thing has a REAL keyboard!

I have lots to say, but instead of promising I'll be back soon, how about I just show up?? :)

Plus, I found out that some people know of my blog via the NFP Facebook group. I didn't know that they knew about it. I posted a link, and then a few people said "oh that's YOUR blog?" So, am I famous?? Now that I have more readers and other people know about it, I guess I need to post more...but it's hard to do when you're a full time moneymaker by day, full time homemaker by night.

To be continued...