To Do List

Things to do...
     Always changing...
          Never a dull moment around here...

Why do I categorize everything? So I don't get too overwhelmed at what needs to be done. To see that things don't always cost a lot of money, and even small changes can be made.

Green = free, either because it's something very simple or we already have the item/supplies. I aim to do these projects first. [They are green to represent the money not being spent ;-)]
Purple = inexpensive (under $100 most likely)
Black = I have no idea how much this will cost or when it will get done. 
Bold = something costing more than $100, but not a BIG project that will take a lot of time or need to be saved for over months of time

  1. hang our wedding quilt in the library
  2. set up little room (which will be my office)
  3. paint the mantel  
  4. purge dresser & closet 
  5.  have Dad build end tables for TV room
  6. have picture of FIL printed for empty frame hanging on the library wall
  7. more pictures for TV room
  8. more lighting for library (supposed to be getting 2 lamps from Aunt P)
  9. more pictures for dining room
  10. hang curtain, pictures, other things in little room
  11. new mattress for our room
  12. more organizing
  13. clean up the basement so things are easier to find
  1. paint front door
  2. more landscaping and planting (it never ends!)
  3. set up shelving in garage (and clean it out/organize)
  4. more plants in front of the house
  5. power wash the house 
  6. clean up the firewood piles and tarps

Furniture to refinish--have all of it and most of the supplies, now all I need is TIME and good weather...
  • finish sideboard for dining room
  • guest room table
  • guest room mirror
  • bookcase the little room/my office, need to paint
  • seats for two chairs in the little room (more like reupholster)
BIG PROJECTS!!! AKA lots of money and/or time involved...
  • refinish kitchen floor
  • new flooring upstairs (hopefully hardwood)
  • new flooring in TV room
  • design/build shed
  • buy a real bedroom set for our room  
  • new recliner for TV room 

  1. hang turtle quilt in our room
  2. reorganize laundry closet and get more shelves?
  3. clean lights in guest bath
  4. move new desk upstairs 
  5. hang beige mirror--either in TV room or front hall (ended up in the front hall)
  6. look for 1/2 bath mirror
  7. clean light near treadmill
  8. sell IKEA hutch when sideboard is finished (leaving it where it is!)
  9. new shower curtain in our bathroom
  10. cookbook storage in kitchen--bigger bookcase?? Could BUILD one! (got a new one from Aunt N)
  11. new curtains for our room 
  12. new pillows for our room 
  13. fix drawer in C's nightstand
  14. go through bathroom cabinets/drawers--purge!
  15. hang pictures in kitchen
  16. mantel for fireplace 
  17. paint rest of upstairs

  1. install new flood light bulbs for backyard
  2. furnace cleaned/serviced (for 2011)
  3. install storm door
  4. paint house number on porch
  5. wood and ash off the porch for summer
  6. prune bushes
  7. plant bulbs
  8. buy topsoil--put near mailbox and in gardens 
  9. paint basement hatch door