Saturday, January 11, 2014

Quick Take #20

Number 20: Saturday (late for the game)

1. I had been thinking about posting a few times this week...
Guess that didn't happen. I was hoping that this blog would not turn into just Quick Takes, but that's where I've been headed. There's always hope, right? Right??

2. On Sunday I cooked for the first time in...a while.
I made lentil soup and some beer bread. Both were delicious. Actually, I planned on blogging about both recipes, sharing them, WITH PICTURES, but of course, that didn't happen. I have picture of the bread, but not the soup...and yes, we ate an entire (small) loaf of bread in an evening. It was that good. And so, so easy! Like, can make in less than an hour, start to pull-out-of-the-oven easy! Also, you can use non-alcoholic beer, since that's all we have in the house.

3. It's so dreary out today. 
What a great day to take down the Christmas decorations, huh? LOL Chris is still sleeping--he didn't sleep well last night, and then coyotes woke him up after midnight, so my poor husband was up til 3 am. This day just promotes itself to sleeping. I was in bed around 11:30 and woke up on my own around 7, but lazed around until 10. It's just that kind of day. The stay-in-your-PJs-do-whatever-you-want kind of day. Our plans are to take down the decorations and the tree (it's fake), make something for dinner (I'm thinking stuffed peppers), and watch Man of Steel which is overdue at the library, hahaha, whoops. Good thing my account is coded as "no fines." And I'm working tomorrow afternoon for a few hours, so it'll be returned.

4. Last week I wrote about being a full time student in a few weeks.
HAHAHAHA NO. Try "full time student starting on Monday." AHHHH! I'm taking three classes, which is full time. I'll be studying Reference, Cataloging, and Library Management. I'm excited because these are all required for the degree AND they are the real meat and bones type of classes. I'm especially excited about Library Management, because that is how I will learn to take over the world. Muahahaha.

Or so I think.

There are six core courses that are required, and then you can take six elective courses. I've taken 2 core courses already and am finishing up my second elective. Wow, I'm 1/3 of my way done with school as of tomorrow. After this semester, I'll be more than halfway done. 7/12 done, to be precise!

5. I know, I need to add pictures to these QTs to make them somewhat interesting.
I know, my wit and amazing prose just isn't enough ;-) I'm trying to find pictures, but I don't know if you would get why I think they are funny. I don't use my phone's camera enough and I'm not one to document EVERY.SINGLE.THING. that happens to me.

Here's one that could do with #4, and oh heyyyy, it's not just a PIC, it's a GIF!
I don't know if I'm THIS excited about school, but I can try...

6. It is OK to say no. 
Chris said no this week. He had applied for a job at an organization, was emailed about an interview, then accepted, but the more he thought about it, it just didn't sit right with him. Something about the place, the method of contact, the impersonal nature of everything did not make him excited about the position nor the interview. He cancelled the interview. It just felt right--to him, and to me. Some might say that is foolish, but just because he needs a job does not mean he has to waste his time and energy on something he doesn't feel strongly about in the first place.

7. Two updates of sorts:
A. Regarding the snow and the neighbor from last week: haven't seen him, didn't go over. Yay. :)

B. My thoughts on motherhood...well, I started something and wrote two long paragraphs and then I decided that it might be better for a separate entry. It's about why I don't beat myself up for waiting a long time anymore (or at least most of the time). I will say this: I just did not have the capacity to even begin to THINK about discerning the call. Yes, we're all called, as married people, but my circumstances are a bit different, especially as we started out our marriage on a different road than we're on now. The best analogy I can think of would be knowing you need to make a phone call to someone, you have their phone number, you know how to make a call, but you don't have a phone or don't know how to get to one. For whatever reason, no phones are available right now. I don't know if that even made sense.

Our minds can get very, very clogged by all sorts of STUFF, and even the best coping strategies, the best therapists, the most loving husbands and families, all the prayers, etc. still can't fix everything. Sometimes, life just has to happen in its own way, to make room for other things.

Now if that sounds kind of vague, stay tuned. I promise to write more about this. I still don't know what I'm trying to say, so it'll be a ramble of sorts, maybe?

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to visit Jen over at Conversion Diary for more Quick Takes! 

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  1. I always go to an interview. You don't know what will happen once you get there that might put your fears to rest. Also, if it is in your area, the contacts are important.


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