Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Almost a month?

Ouch. I didn't think I'd taken that long of a hiatus.

It's getting harder and harder to keep up with blogging. For one, my department moved to a new area at work, which means NO CUBE. I sit in a room with my boss, my coworker and three people from another department. It reminds me of college--all of those desks in one small room, with very little privacy.

At home, I've been hanging out with Chris, and the iPad is not blogging-friendly. It's hard to do much on that thing; had I not won it through work, I don't think I would have bought one for myself. In fact, I would have rather had a cheapy laptop!!!! At least that thing has a REAL keyboard!

I have lots to say, but instead of promising I'll be back soon, how about I just show up?? :)

Plus, I found out that some people know of my blog via the NFP Facebook group. I didn't know that they knew about it. I posted a link, and then a few people said "oh that's YOUR blog?" So, am I famous?? Now that I have more readers and other people know about it, I guess I need to post more...but it's hard to do when you're a full time moneymaker by day, full time homemaker by night.

To be continued...


  1. Oh I hear ya. I feel like I haven't blogged in forever, and when I do, it's usually a wimpy little post. Which is a shame, because I want to write more, but my time has to be spent elsewhere right now.


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