Saturday, July 3, 2010

A/C Update

The A/C was fixed. What was wrong? It ran out of freon--no big deal right? At first. Then the tech was telling Turtle how the unit was too small for our house, that it was working too hard, we needed new duct work (because the person who installed it should be SHOT--no joke!).

Turtle told him a polite "thank you" but before the tech left, asked how much this would all cost. The tech said, as a rough estimate, about $5K.

WHAT???? We plan on getting a few real estimates, but this was a shocker.

Have I mentioned that we want to put in a wood stove? Those, with installation, permits, etc, run about $4K.

There goes our nice home buyers tax credit, which we haven't touched since we deposited the check. We didn't plan on spending it all this fast.

Plan for the summer: try and use the A/C as little as possible and save save save.

Luckily, Monday was the hottest day last week. It's supposed to be around 90 tomorrow, but low humidity. We need A/C when the humidity is bad. Heat I can tolerate!


  1. What a story!

    I'm anonymous, too- for some of the same reasons as you.

    is your name Jessica or Jennifer? :)

  2. Why did my comment post here? I was commenting on the "Why Turtle" post


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