Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm okay!

still can't type long posts, which i do miss since i'm quite the chatterbox...but just wanted to pop back up & say hello.

for those who are friends with me on FB, i can do more of that, since it is quick stuff. twitter has been ok too. everything else is really hard. so much to say, in words, but i can't do it...yet!

i really need to take some notes...i said i was gonna do it, and i didn't.

surgery was a bit difficult but they were able to fix my hand...a few weeks in a cast w/some rods in me...then rods come out & hopefully back to old self!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

quick update

I am having surgery on my hand tomorrow--simple procedure to wire the bones together. I'll be in a cast for a few more weeks but this operation will allow my hand to heal stronger.

I miss blogging--there's so much I've wanted to write about & talk about...and it's so hard when you've only got one hand with which to work.

I'm going to try & keep some notes about life while I can't type well--hopefully these will be used later on for other posts.

See you soon!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

last post for awhile

i am typing this one handed so excuse my typing, i broke a bone in my hand on thursday night and now have a splint like cast on my hand. its hard to use it for typing, so i have to do it all with my good hand. thankfully my good hand = my dominant one, so i'm not totally helpless, lol.

i'll be back soon. if you pray, please pray that its a full recovery w/ no surgery--i have to see a hand specialist next week b/c i broke it right before the holiday and all specialists were closed.

happy easter!!!