Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm okay!

still can't type long posts, which i do miss since i'm quite the chatterbox...but just wanted to pop back up & say hello.

for those who are friends with me on FB, i can do more of that, since it is quick stuff. twitter has been ok too. everything else is really hard. so much to say, in words, but i can't do it...yet!

i really need to take some notes...i said i was gonna do it, and i didn't.

surgery was a bit difficult but they were able to fix my hand...a few weeks in a cast w/some rods in me...then rods come out & hopefully back to old self!


  1. a cast w/ some rods...that's all, no big deal:) ouch. glad you seem to be doing better.

  2. I suck because I don't think I said anything about your surgery AND never made the questions. My week totally went down the drain. Too much work, not enough SLEEP!

    I'm glad your doing okay and typing here and there! :)


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