Saturday, May 15, 2010

I am back!!

The pins were removed yesterday and I'm slowly regaining feeling and movement...

Very slowly.

Typing is still hard, but it's much easier to do it when the splint isn't tapping the caps lock or the tab or any other keys. Which really sucked and was why I was mostly typing with one hand, even though I had some of the fingers on my "bad" hand free.

So I have much to share, but I can't do it all today. Including: how nice people were to me, how weird total strangers were, my doctor crush (hee), things I could do while I was incapacitated, what I really wanted to do, etc.

One bad note: while I was recuperating, work blocked all web mail, most message boards, blog stuff, etc. That means no more updating at work. I know, I'm there to work, not to mess around, but everyone takes a break!

I guess I will have to scribble notes down during the day and try to update at night? We'll see. I have missed blogging, and have tried to keep up with everyone in my follow list, even if I couldn't comment readily.

See you soon!

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