Thursday, June 9, 2011

We weren't always Byzantine Catholic, Part 1

(another series, I guess--I'd been meaning to tell this story for months. I noticed that Elizabeth over at That Married Couple recently started telling her story, too.)

This is the story of how we became Byzantine Catholic. It wasn't as simple as "oh hey, let's go try this church." In fact, one of us was going to a Byzantine church their entire life, but wasn't really Eastern Rite.

When we met, T told me he was Byzantine Catholic, which I'd never heard of. I always thought of myself as pretty knowledgeable about religion and especially Catholicism.

HELLO, I went to a CATHOLIC COLLEGE. I took MANY religion classes. So of course, I was a SCHOLAR. (that's all sarcasm, folks)

Obviously, I hadn't heard about there being other Rites under Rome. I thought T was telling me he was Orthodox. "Oh you're not under the Pope," I remember telling him on the phone once. "No, we are," he said, starting to lose his patience. "But HOW???" I said.

He gave me a VERY elementary explanation: it's like a hybrid of Roman Catholic and Orthodox.

"But you're under the Pope???" I asked, incredulously.

"Yes!" he said.

I started searching around the internet, trying to learn more about this Byzantine thing.

Part 2 to come! Need to head to work :)

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