Saturday, March 3, 2012

You picked a bad time to leave me Lucille...

That song was going through my head just now. Hopefully you can't tell, but I just switched ALL of my Blogger stuff to a different Google account. Oy. I was afraid that I'd lose everything, screw something up, etc. Especially as it had to be done manually. I'm glad I only follow 20 something blogs! As I was doing this, I noticed that things on Blogger were LOOKING DIFFERENT. It wasn't me, though. Looks like Blogger/Google/whomever is changing the look/layout/whatever.

I think everything made it over, and if not, oh well.

Now, why did I change things?

I had an email address that sort of went with the blog for awhile and it just seemed silly that I didn't have them together. Plus, I started another blog today and tried to have it NOT use my Rabbit info, but NO. So it was easier to move everything over here, to this email account, and use my "regular" gmail account for my new blog. Or maybe not! I don't know...

We shall see.

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