Tuesday, November 16, 2010

House to myself

Nope, didn't kick Turtle out. He's away with his dad, hunting, for a few days. Lucky him--he's got more vacation time than he knows what to do with...and there's me, going to work pretty sick because I have none left. His company is far more generous than mine. He'd beg to argue that, given that he makes less than I do and that I have more daily perks (regular trips to the bathroom, regular meal/break times, etc). But the grass is always greener....

Time for me to spend the evenings catching up on a few projects that have been neglected over the past few weeks. It'll be good to cross off some "to-do's" from my list.

I'll be in the TV room if you need me...


  1. I love being alone- when I know they are coming back to make my life crazy!

    Make the most of the solitude- pop popcorn, make cocoa and have a great time :)

  2. Actually, I did make popcorn last night! Ate it while I weeded through a bunch of old magazines and other junk that had piled up! TV room is ALMOST cleaned up and organized.


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