Monday, November 22, 2010

I thought I was done for tonight.

1. Does ANYONE know how to clean the base part of a slow cooker/crock pot? The pot roast I made yesterday bubbled over, and it didn't just spill onto my stove top. It also leaked from the insert into the base. Grr. It's a caked on, burnt on mess. I know not to immerse it in water, which I'm tempted to do.

2. Point of clarification from this post, also made tonight. The deer that Turtle shot was kept for meat. He did not keep the head to mount on the wall. I realized that my previous post might look as though he shot it, and left it to rot. OH NO!!!! Never would that have happened. Part of the deer is in our deep freeze, and the rest is at FIL's house, waiting to come home.

OH, which reminds me--there's another house purchase! Our big upright freezer, where we store almost everything that we buy in bulk that would tolerate freezing. Bread, veggies, meat, breakfast items...

It's late and I haven't eaten yet. Going to boil some pirohi that Turtle's grandma made for us a few weeks ago that was also in our freezer...and heat up some leftover pot roast. Good night!


  1. ....about the mess...I would scrape off any chunks and then wipe it as clean as possible with a damp cloth- then spray with something like simple green- let soak over night and then scrape and wipe again- good luck!

  2. Yeah, that's what I was thinking...of course, here it is Wednesday and the base is still sitting on the counter! Maybe I will tackle it tonight... I'll be back with details on how well it did (didn't) come out. The hubs thinks it might be a lost cause. Whoops. Good thing Christmas is coming...


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