Thursday, September 1, 2011

Daybook (first one!)

Stolen from Fear Not Little Flock

Outside my window… window, what window? I work in a converted garage!

I am thinking… about how I have to work late. How I don't like certain things/situations right now, but I guess this is my/our cross to bear.

I am thankful… for paid employment. For no hurricane damage (KATIA, STAY AWAY!).

In the kitchen… I have to get my own dinner tonight.

I am wearing… a white shirt with some eyelet detail and blue linen capri pants. As of yesterday we had no AC at work, so we were told to dress for comfort. I get in, and the AC and power are back.

I am creating… reminder emails for our library and consumer customers about an extension to a sale we've been having. At home, I'm doing a little bit of hand sewing/mending.

I am going… home...eventually.

I am wondering… how to be a good wife. How to support my husband as he bears his cross, and how we both can support each other. It's tough when you're both in places you'd rather not be.

I am reading… way too many books and audiobooks!

I am hoping… that my husband will find a job he truly loves, one that's not too stressful, yet rewarding.

I am looking forward to… dinner. I'm hungry. Also seeing how a re-do of a curtain looks now that I've ripped out some stitching.

I am hearing… click-clack of keyboards and the ventilation system humming.

Around the house… projects are getting accomplished!

One of my favorite things… seeing the rooms in my house finally come together. You know, after almost 2 years of living there :)

A few plans for the rest of the week… lots of work. Have to make up time missed from the hurricane.

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