Thursday, September 15, 2011

Pretty Happy Funny Real

The flowers I received from my current boss, in celebration of my fifth anniversary of working here. Don't get any ideas, they were very simple, almost a wildflower bouquet, probably from a local farmstand. In a Mason jar. Which is just my style.

I haven't been very happy lately, but I guess I can be happy that I have completed five years of employment. Especially when so many people are out of work or underemployed. And that I can make a difference for my family--even if it's just C & I. I also was treated with a "fancy lunch" today, which was a treat.

Thinking...thinking... Ah! Me running around the house this morning because I couldn't find #3 cat. I checked all of her usual spots, but she was nowhere to be found. I checked closets, the basement. Then I pulled back a blanket on our bed, and there she was, sleeping in the part that was pooled on the floor.

Excerpted from an email from my old boss:
"It does seem that some people are constantly having to overcome obstacles while others do not. I wish I understood why some are challenged while others appear to coast through life. I wish I had answers for you. I can only encourage you to remain strong and know that you guys will get through this."

I wish I had an answer as well. I wish someone did. I know there's a reason to all of this--C getting hurt and career paths now closed to him, one layoff with a huge resume gap, and now this layoff--my faith tells me that it's just the Lord's plan, but after awhile, one begins to buckle a bit. It is so relieving to share this kind of thing with someone and not be answered with a brush-off, a platitude, or to be ignored. To have my feelings respected and to receive encouragement. If only I could find more people like this, instead of hearing from someone every few months.


  1. unemployment reality is lousy!

    Thinking of you

  2. What a nice note from your old boss. . . and nice to get flowers from your current boss. It's the little things.

    Congrats on five years!

    So sorry for your other situation. I don't think I have anything to say that will make it any better, but I'll certainly continue to keep you in my prayers.

  3. Thanks ladies! (I don't even know if people come back to see if their comments are responded to...)

    PW--yes, it is lousy, and it's NOT about the money, actually. I sense another post coming...

    IG--it really IS the little things. Too bad the owners don't see that...and it's not like we're a huge company, either. Everyone talks about how as soon as the economy picks up, there's going to be a mass exodus, and then maybe they (the owners) will see what they had.

    My old sweet as she is...from what I know, has been one of those people who seem to coast through life. Again, only from what I KNOW of her, and maybe to me, it seems like coasting because what she's done is what I'd like to do. She stayed home for almost 7 years with her two little ones, then got a job at my company, worked there for a year, and is now doing something very close to her dream job. It's hard when I've been stuck at this place, who knows when we'll be able to HAVE kids, never mind me staying home with them, etc. And it would be horrible to have a baby while working at this place, given how oddly they treated the very first pregnant employee, who is currently out on maternity leave.


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