Thursday, September 1, 2011

Pretty Happy Funny Real: The Hurricane Edition (notes, no pictures)

I know I'm a day late and because I'm writing this in Gmail, not in Blogger, I won't be able to "link up" with Like Mother, Like Daughter until later. Besides, I haven't participated in ages.

Anyway, here goes.

  • the huge hydrangea blossom that survived Irene and is now sitting on my entry hall table
  • the days following the storm; the weather was absolutely gorgeous (and I didn't have to work!!!)
  • having the smarts to clean the house BEFORE the storm hit
  • our house was unscathed
  • everyone I know is safe (even if they are still without power)
  • I didn't have to work for three days!!!! (can you tell I was excited???)
  • playing Scrabble by candlelight and still not being able to see much
  • what you can still do in terms of housework and domesticity without power (hint: sweeping floors & hanging pictures--more posts later!)
  • the cats being completely unfazed by the storm
  • being without power at our house also means no water, since we have a well. (more on what we did to remedy this, when our stockpile dwindled, later)
  • the reality that if the power stayed out much longer, we would have lost ALL of the food in our deep freezer (not to mention our regular fridge/freezer). Hours of cooking and prepping what grew in our garden or what we picked at a local orchard would have been gone, along with everything we've been stocking up on sale. With C still out of work, this is meant to feed us throughout the winter.
  • that I could get along fine without much technology and it felt weird to have it back. I felt much more focused and connected WITHOUT TV or computers. Hmm.

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  1. Glad you'te all right - it could have been much worse. We also prepared as much as we could. We didn't lose power at all, fortunately.


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