Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Favorite things

Hey, Oprah has/had(?) a list, why not me!?

1. Cardigans. I love them, year-round. Perfect with almost everything, and essential when you work in an office with strange climate control.

2. Flats. I cannot do heels for long stretches. Plus, I'm rather tall (5'7") and C is only an inch or two taller than me.

3. Broth. I know, it's got loads of sodium in it, but I can't drink coffee all day (milk + sugar = unnecessary calories) and tea gets old after awhile. But a bouillon packet in hot water is a warm, delicious treat.

4. Lined post-its. Genius invention.

5. Crusty bread. (Note to self: pick up a loaf on the way home to go with dinner tonight.)

6. Order and schedules. Now that C is back to work, things are slowly back on track in that department. I owe a post about what's going on these days, how we're coping, our plans for the future now, etc. As we say in publishing, TK.

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  1. Drinking broth sounds delicious. That's genius. Although probably not terribly healthy, as you pointed out. But I might do it anyway :)


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