Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Something I don't get (food)

(If you're friends with me on Facebook, yes, this is my current status, so no, you're not seeing things)
What's awkward: when you're heating up your lunch and someone compliments you on it, then you say something like "thanks! leftovers from the other night" but that's not the end of it. Then they share what they had for dinner last night, which was something like fast food or sandwiches. I never understand this; are they trying to make me feel sorry for them? I've had this happen repeatedly, from different people. It was nothing elaborate* either--a chicken leg quarter (drumstick & thigh), sweet potato, and asparagus.
Why the need to comment on my food (or about yours) besides "that looks great" or "what are you having?" I didn't ask what you had. I don't know how to reply to your statement. Should I say "sorry" or "you can cook like this too?" Or just nod and smile?

One other thing: yes, I eat healthy MOST of the time. There's no need to proclaim that loudly in the kitchen or at the lunch table. I know I'm overweight, but guess what? I still like to try to eat healthy. I don't get why it's always so amazing to other people that some people like fruits and vegetables for lunch. I'm always thinking "okayyyy???"

*not elaborate to ME, I understand that some people out there are daunted by the oven! :)


  1. ...people are just nosy

    I just had yummy homemade chicken noodle soup ;)

  2. rabbit- can you comment on my blog? I think something is up

  3. That's so weird. I don't understand why people comment on other people's food. I have had the opposite problem with my boss's boss commenting on my food on the rare occasions I'm eating dinner in the office. One time I was heating up some of my favorite pasta that we'd had the night before, and when I took the lid off to stir it up, she said jokingly, "You look really excited about that," and laughed. Another time I was heating up a can of soup and she picked up the can and said, "This is dinner?" and looked at me like, "Aw, I'm sorry."

    I think she is an awesome person in every other way, so it's hard for me to get too annoyed with her, but still, it's unnecessary. I don't have the salary she has to go buy myself meals all the time, so I eat leftovers or whatever I can easily heat up for myself at work. And I eat the same healthy assortment of stuff for lunch every single day, so it's not like I'm depriving myself of nutrition. Sheesh.

  4. PW: I'm probably over thinking this, but this person in particular has a pretty tough life outside of work, so I always feel like what's "normal" for me (and really isn't much) is showing off or me acting high and mighty...or something. Maybe it's a desire to be as humble as I can? Maybe I'm just trying too hard to be like everyone else... (but yum to your's barely getting out of the 50s here now, definitely time for soup!)

    I wrote a testing comment on your UU part 2 post, hopefully that came through?!

    Jessica: yes! It is one thing to think something about someone's meal, but very different to comment. As you've said on your blog, you can't make assumptions or generalizations! :) sometimes I eat veggies for lunch because it's a fasting
    day. Sometimes I eat them because we are having something really fattening for dinner :D Sometimes, it's because I am LAZY! But honestly, who cares?

    I'm going to write another post soon about blessings...because I know I am blessed and I don't think I take things for granted, but sometimes I feel guilty for having what I do have...

  5. I think the person was just trying to make conversation, not be nosy or make you feel sorry for them. Conversations with co-workers you're not friends with can be awkward. I'd try to give them the benefit of the doubt.


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