Saturday, February 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes--#3

--- 1 ---

This week is going to be dedicated to my work, as a meme. I'm sure you've seen the memes going around about various jobs. In fact, yesterday I posted one about being Greek Catholic. I work in publishing, in the marketing department, actually, doing marketing (obviously) but a lot of social media too. Not many people really get what I do. And since I'm not very graphically inclined, I can't make a real contribution to the meme following. (and by the way, the Christmas tree is down and back in the basement for another year)

--- 2 ---
What my friends think I do:

--- 3 ---

What my husband thinks I do:

--- 4 ---

What society thinks I do:

--- 5 ---

What authors think I do:

--- 6 ---

What I think I do:

--- 7 ---
What I really do:

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  1. :) 'homeschooler' amd 'teacher' have already been done- but I might do a more specific- homeschool mom and esl teacher

  2. I have seen both of those and they are funny. I think the best is the archaeology one: digging in a sandbox and Indiana Jones are both featured. :) There is a publishing one, but it's focused more towards book editors.

  3. i should do one on my previous vocation of "import brokerage computer geek". as the brokerage was owned by a global shipping company with a three letter name, people assumed that i worked in a warehouse when in fact, i worked in an office and had callouses on my fingers from the staple puller.


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