Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sorry folks...

...for my absence. It's been a rough time in our house, lately. Chris has been really sick, on and off, the past few weeks, which means I've been working late to cover the time off I've had to take. Then when I'm actually home in the evenings, it's been spent cooking bland foods, taking care of him, trying to take care of myself, cleaning ALL THE THINGS!, etc.

Lately, certain things in the media have caught my attention, as have topics that I've encountered in my life but have been hesitant to speak out on them. I have had a lot of time to think (and to read other blogs/news articles at work during the day) and I have a LOT of thoughts for future posts swirling around. That's great, except...I need to plan out how to cover them all! I want to write succinctly, and fairly (because some could be "controversial"), so I need time to process.

I hope to work on them in the next month or so--I might have to write them ALL out and then schedule them. I did that with the rest of our "we weren't always Byzantine Catholic" story--parts 3 & 4 were written back to back, but then scheduled for the appropriate Thursdays.

In some good news, I went back to WW last weekend for a weigh in (my first since just after Christmas) and I was down a little over 5 lbs according to their records, 2 of them being just in the last week. Although, this week's eating hasn't been I won't be too surprised to see a gain on Saturday. Oh, and we haven't gone grocery shopping in almost 2 weeks, so who knows what the food money totals for February will be like. January's was way too high, but a lot of stuff is frozen for later in the year. Our Lent starts on February 20, and for us that means two meatless days a week. I am hoping to try out a lot of new truly vegetarian recipes, instead of just defaulting to shrimp and fish, both of which can be pricey. (And that doesn't mean pizza all week!)

Looking forward to writing more very soon--stay tuned! :)


  1. one way we eat meatless is to use black beans and brown rice as a meat substitute in tacos, tostadas, etc

    1. I used to eat a LOT of that when I was single, and not just because of $, but because I really liked it! :) I've drifted away from it since Chris is a carnivorous's the rub: his stomach issues (I can't remember if I've said much here on that) can flare up with things like beans. And not just the usual slight discomfort that afflicts many a person ;-) But, I'm thinking about a shrimp & black bean taco combo...where I could eat more beans and he could have more shrimp. Almost like an Asian/Mexican fusion. Or over rice.


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