Saturday, February 11, 2012

7 Quick Takes--NUMBER TWO!!

--- 1 ---

Hopefully my title this week doesn't gross anyone out because I didn't mean it in that way. I'm just psyched I got my butt back here to do it again. Sadly, I didn't get to read too many other Quick Takes last week. Does that make me a bad Quick Taker? :-P

--- 2 ---

GUESS WHAT??? The Christmas tree is STILL up. But no longer fully decorated. Last weekend, while C was at work, I stripped it of the ornaments, then spent a few hours putting them back in their little boxes, then packing those into a big plastic tub. The other decorations have also been packed back into their tubs and boxes. However, the big boxes are still in the TV room in a big pile. This is fun for the cats, but makes me feel like such a slacker. This afternoon, I ventured outside where I was amazed to see that it wasn't frigid; thus I took down the outside lights. That is a mess, and now I need to figure out how to make them tidy for storage so that next year we can just unravel, hang, and go! While I'm infamous for procrastination, THIS IS RIDICULOUS. But I'm not beating myself up. Just not allowing anyone into the house ;-)

--- 3 ---

Also related to procrastination, I've been spending WAY TOO MUCH TIME at work reading other blogs. All of a sudden I have discovered some other really great blogs, many written by younger Catholic women like myself, who might not be totally 100% perfect either! I hope I don't get into trouble; can I claim religious discrimination on that one? Tee hee. Oh and Twitter has been CRAZY with all sorts of stupid Santorum nonsense (GAH, I cannot STAND him, even though I used him as an example in an earlier post), and the whole HHS/birth control thing. I am really thankful for "meeting" a few bloggers in particular, when I did. I've had some thoughts about something rather personal/health-related, but I was afraid to speak out. These women have been a major help and great support in just a few days. And no one judged! (I don't want to get too mystical, but awhile ago, I asked for help and for an answer. I think someone bigger is working here, and I'm at the very first steps of what could be a long journey.)

--- 4 ---

Mr. Christopher has been sick for weeks now. Not consistently, which is good, but jeez, it's hard. I hate that I can't do anything to help him feel better, and it makes me sad/depressed a bit to see him not himself. This is partly to blame for my procrastination in the home. First it was a really bad stomach bug, now his anxiety/PTSD is flaring up. We were supposed to go out to the movies, then church, then dinner this afternoon, but he wasn't up for the movie. Hopefully we'll get to Mass (yup RC again) because we haven't been in a few weeks due to the illnesses, plus a snow storm thrown in. BUT the good news is that the doctor gave him something for his stomach when it really starts bothering him (he always has issues with it, as a result from his accident). It's something that IBS sufferers take, to stop the extreme spasms and cramping. We're not sure if he has IBS too, but he DOES get horrible spasms and cramping in his abdomen, especially after eating large meals. And, guess what flares up when he's anxious??? Bingo. I am PRAYING that this is something that can help him, because his quality of life is affected so much. I was starting to wonder if this would preclude us from having kids--I can't do it alone. (not that it all weighs on him, I have my stuff too)

--- 5 ---

I'm getting the itch to start looking for another job again. I think I have more confidence now, than ever. BUT. I just got promoted in January. I don't know if I should be up front with my title change on my resume or not mention it, since it might look funny: "why are you looking for a job if you just got promoted?" I can't be honest and say "because I'm unhappy, I need a more family-friendly environment, oh yeah, and my boss is a passive-aggressive insecure moron." My duties haven't changed much, it's more of a retroactive title change. Hmm.

--- 6 ---

People have been RSVPing for my dad's party, which is good. They all want to know what they can get him. 1) You've been friends with him for how long? Can't you think of something? 2) When we say "no gifts, please" why can't you accept that?!?! Seriously, my dad is the most simple guy EVER. All he wants is zero aggravation from his brother (they run a business together), time with my mom, and time to do woodworking (note to self: have him build your end tables and a kitchen bookcase) and to work on his tractors. Since most people can't afford to buy out my uncle, haha, and no one can make more time, then just come to the party ready to have FUN!

--- 7 ---

Speaking of fun, I have this sudden desire to go away somewhere. Usually I'm a homebody, but Chris was watching a fishing show this morning and they were in Isla Morada. He's mentioned wanting to go there, to fish, and I was always like "yeah yeah, OK, sure," because I don't fish that much. It's OK, but I'm more of a  one-day girl and he could go forever. Buuut, there was this really nice resort place down there....and I think I could occupy myself with a lazy river and a private beach. "Have fun, honey! Wear sunscreen and see you for dinner!" while I just sit and read :-D We had thrown around a 5th anniversary vacation, especially because we figured we'd be closer to TTC around that maybe that will all be coming to reality. Wow, five years in September. Time has flown!

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  1. bentyl helps my ibs but i've also been on another one (whose name escapes me at the moment). ibs is evil

  2. Aww, I'm sorry you have it. I'm glad bentyl works; I did some reading on it and was impressed by what other people had to say. I don't know why his dr didn't think he might have IBS earlier, but then again, this was the first time I'd gone with C to an appt, and I'm the one who said spasms and quality of life being affected. C was probably scared the dr would make him go back to the hospital (biggest fear ever) so just thought the pains were a part of life and sucked it up.

  3. just looked on web md and the one i was given in sample form about 2 years ago was dexilant which calmed down the pain and some of the symptoms. i've been on bentyl full-time since last july and it helps in that i don't have to be within running distance of a bathroom. i've also had to keep food diaries and figure out what does and does not cause a flare. it's annoying (and frequently embarrassing) condition to have and it partners with fibromyalgia along with the depression and migraines for me. they're nasty things to have but they're my "thorn" in the words of st. paul (2 corinthians 12).


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