Friday, September 21, 2012

7 Quick Takes--#5

Let's call this the "What Happened During the Almost Five Months I Was Away from the Blog" post, 
a.k.a. "Things I've Learned about Myself."

--- 1 ---

I need structure. I took a week off in July and did almost absolutely nothing. It was lovely, yet at the same time, I felt really weird afterwards. Like I wasted time. It was fun being a "housewife" for the week, but I really think that I do better with structure, so I don't foresee a career in the house as much as I think I want that to happen someday. We'll see.

--- 2 ---

I like where I am (most of the time). I looked for a new job. I got two phone calls, passed up one interview, went on one first interview, went on one second interview. No offers. It's okay. I realized during this time that I really like my work, and it is getting more interesting. My company is growing; we're going to be publishing more types of books and I am having more opportunities to work closely with our authors, which for the most part has been a lot of fun.

--- 3 ---

I need accountability. I joined a gym and started working out with a personal trainer three days a week. I also see a nutritionist once a week. This is included in my package, and is the point of the gym. Everyone works out with a trainer, unless they are there to do cardio. I've been going for about a month--in that time, I've lost almost five pounds, am much more toned, and just feel better overall. Having set appointments has been great for me. I couldn't do the "make time for yourself" schpiel that so many life coaches preach, especially regarding fitness. I have to be accountable to someone else in order for me to be accountable to myself. I have an appointment at 5 o'clock, I will be there. No excuses, not even work. (And that was a big one for me, to get up and leave when I needed to go.)

--- 4 ---

It's easier to do something big when you have help. Along with the gym, I've also been closely monitoring my eating habits. So has Chris. His change was much more sudden and drastic than mine; I've been slowly trying to do better for years, but it was tough when you live with a foodie/amateur chef. Chris had some questionable blood work after a physical in August, and ever since then, we've both been supporting each other and working together to get healthier. In all of the years I've known him, he could eat whatever, and I had to be the one passing up on things. It was hard and I gave up a lot of the time--much to my detriment. I'm not happy that his food change happened in the way that it did, but it's been really nice having a partner in this, too. I know he's glad that I know much more about healthy eating than he does, as I can guide him and answer his questions. These changes that we have to make aren't so bad after all!

--- 5 ---

Taking charge of my life in one area lead to a snowball effect. In August I found out that one of my medications was on back order. So were the two generics that I had also taken over the years. At that moment, I had to make an important decision--I could call my doctor and ask for something else or I could try to listen to my body and work with what it was doing, naturally. I chose to go natural. It was a little scary to say that out loud (to myself, to Chris, to my doctors) but I've been met with nothing but support and love. And it's been very empowering!!! So much that I started the gym soon after, and the better eating followed that. Just recently, I was able to attend a class to learn about caring for myself in this natural way.What was the impetus for all of this? Keep reading...

--- 6 ---

There are no perfect Catholics. We are all practicing Catholics, because you don't get to perfect unless you keep practicing! Yes, I ripped that off of the old saying. I think it fits. For a long time, I felt like I was a fake, because I might have done X or not have done Y. What did that say about me? Was I not as holy as someone else in the blogosphere? As the guy three pews up from me at church? As Chris' grandmother? No one is perfect. My sins, my background, whatever you want to call it, that's what makes me, me. And if God made me, and He loves me, sin and all, then I can't be so bad, right?

--- 7 ---

Never EVER think that what you say doesn't matter. You never know who is reading your blog. Or what they are taking away from it. This goes for you as much as it goes for me. I've learned so much from many of you bloggers; I can't be the only one. Maybe someone reads something and it plants a seed. It doesn't mean they'll change or try something different right away. Maybe it'll sort of bug them, like a tag in their shirt. Maybe they'll come back to the idea that they got from your blog days later or even weeks later.

This is sort of an announcement. Take #5 and #6, mix them together, and what do you get? Do you have a guess?

Come on...

Medications and religion...

I even said "class."

I've hinted about this on Twitter to some of you. Others know about it from the Facebook groups we are in together.

Well, in a few words, I had a conversion story of my own. It's getting late, so I'll fill you in on exactly what happened in another post, but I think this is the best way to sum it up right now:

Yup. It's true. It didn't happen overnight, or even in a few days. Ha, more like months...or maybe even years. I promise, I will write an entire post about my journey. Looking back on it, it was pretty freaking cool. Magical maybe? Of course, I'm still playing with white baby stickers, so check back with me in a few weeks. ;-)

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  1. ::HUGS:: So much good news here! I'm so happy to hear that these past months have been a positive self-learning period for you, and that things are looking up for you job-wise and health-wise, as those seemed to be the two main areas causing you stress. And you've got my number (literally and digitally!), so if you EVER need support with NFP, don't hesitate to get in touch! I'd be interested to hear what method you are doing -- if you're doing sympto-thermal and want my Excel chart so you don't have to buy CCL's, just shoot me an e-mail :)

  2. Thank you so much! :)

    We're doing Creighton--hence my "white baby stickers" comment, but no worries, I will post more about that soon. It took a lot of time, prayer, and thinking to get to this point and was like the door just opened. I'd been trying to come up with a way to talk about what I'd (we'd) been doing for a few years and I wanted to do it without any judgment (from me to others OR from others to me). I don't know what I had wanted to gain from any sort of confession, but I think it finally came out on its own time. If that makes sense, haha.

  3. stucture and accountability ... i definitely need both.

    (and i experienced something similar when we joined a gym at the beginning of last summer. just knowing that i had to answer to myself and to a trainer kept me on track ... literally and figuratively.)

    1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting :) I don't know why it took SO. LONG. for me to realize this--I'm 32, I didn't just start adult life! Now that I realize it, I'm much more efficient at what I do and knowing that someone depends on me (trainer, husband, boss, friend) makes me "get it together," if that makes sense? It's sad because one would think that health/fitness should be taken seriously and we only have one life, blah blah blah, but it can be HARD to start making yourself a priority when you never have before; that's where the trainer comes in! :)

  4. Welcome back! We are so incredibly similar. :)

    1. Hahaha I know. By the way, I don't think I ever told you, but my mom's due date was 2/29. If I'd come early, we could have shared a birthday too :) Instead, I held out for March. :P

  5. going natural! Good for you!

    I SO hear you on the 'need to be accountable to someone else'- why do I take a long walk with the dog and a daughter but I didn't before we got him? I love the dog- but I should love my body more!

    1. Thank you! I have to admit, I was nervous about "outing" myself, but all of the support--from people in real life and "the web"--has been amazing!

      I have the same thoughts--shouldn't I be a priority to myself? Why do I take care of myself last? I'm not good for anyone or anything if I'm not all together. Having those appointments makes it so real. NOTHING has stood in the way of me getting there, save last Friday when Chris had a little medical emergency and I needed to go with him. Regarding the dog--you probably see him, home inside all day while you're teaching or homeschooling or running around, and you know dogs need exercise, so you feel badly and you walk him...when you know all too well that before you got the dog, you weren't doing it! Maybe he is your trainer? ;) "Hey lady, if we don't go for a walk, I'll have an accident and get REALLY hyper!!!"

  6. Hey hey! First, welcome back to blogging and second, congratulations on the big step! I said it before on FB, but it's worth repeating now! It *is* funny how a decision in one area of life is so impactful (apparently not a word, but I'm gonna let it stand until I can think of a better one) on other areas, isn't it?
    I hear you on the accountability and structure things. I'm also thinking about joining a gym, but I think first I need to get used to this new schedule. Being gone from 9-6 is a huge time chunk!

  7. Welcome back to blogging! I'm so happy for you that you're job is going well, that you're taking on more things for your health, and the last announcement is so exciting as well!! That's not an easy choice to make, so congrats on the dedication to stick with making the changes that that all entails! Can't wait to hear more!


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