Friday, September 21, 2012

Just reviewed my stats and I have to know....

I do love penguins, hee.

WHO is looking at my blog via Linux!?!?!?!

I'm not asking that in a raging, crazy way. I'm seriously curious, because I don't hear too many people using that OS. Not that I'm a techie by any means, but I know what it is. This week, I had 29 page views (not sure if they were unique) or 19% of the total; Linux was the second highest operating system, of course, trumped by Windows.

Nice to see that my participation in this week's 7 Quick Takes over at Conversion Diary has helped bring me some traffic. Thanks Jen and visitors! And Priest's Wife! Your newer blog brought some people over here too :)

I have to laugh (or should I say, LOL?) at this weeks' search keywords. Here we go, in order from the most views (5) to the least (1):
  • oxford comma funny
  • catholic memes
  • funny greek memes
  • greek meme
  • byzantine catholic memes
  • catholic meme
  • greek memes
  • memes greece
  • memes greek
  • young women having fun
I did a 7 Quick Takes a few months ago and used an Oxford comma cartoon. That explains the first one. The next 8 are related to this meme. Remember that trend a few months ago on Facebook and blogs? (If you are confused, no I am not Greek, but Byzantine Catholics used to be called Greek Catholics. You can learn more about that, here.)

The last one? I don't think of myself as a young woman who has a lot of fun. Am I looking to have more fun? Sure. 

This was just a random little post, since I am a bit of a data nerd at times. If you read it, thanks!


  1. I'm glad to hear that the new blog is 'working'- now you have to keep blogging! ;)

  2. haha I did a post at the beginning of the year of the 7 weirdest search terms in 2011. My all time favorite is "sex under the xmas tree" during advent I did post a lot of christmas tree pictures but uh I never blogged about sex....


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