Friday, November 4, 2011

Scatter. Brained.

I just looked online at our checking account balance, which I do daily (if not more than once a day, yes I'm a little OCD about it*--don't judge!), and saw that a bunch of checks had cleared, leaving us with really only $80 something dollars in the checking account until next week; I get paid on Thursday and C is paid on Friday.

Great. This is after I just set up a new budget for us now that C is back to work. We're going to try to live how we were while he was laid off, banking most of his paychecks since they are significantly more than he was bringing in via unemployment. So, as I am looking at the numbers, I'm already a little discouraged because things aren't going according to plan so soon and I just put a little bit into savings last week, attempting to make our new goal of at least one of C's checks. Of course, like always, unexpected expenses pop up!

I still needed to write out a check for Sunday's collection at church and we need a few things for the house that cannot wait any longer (like, oh, TOILET PAPER). I'm debating on whether or not I should transfer money from our savings to the checking so that I can buy TRUE necessities and you know, maybe fill up the cars with gas since they'll probably need more before pay day. And if we want to get paid/have jobs, we kind of need to GO to work...

So what do I do while I'm debating this? I write out the collection check for five dollars more than usual. I know, it's not like I put an extra 0 or two, and we can live without that extra five dollars. Either way, I'm still going to have to transfer money back into the checking, but still. And yes, I'm thankful I have the money in the savings to move back.

At least I'm laughing about it. TGIF indeed.

*one of the reasons I'm so OCD about it is that C & I have debit cards for this account and it's easier for me to check in daily to see if he filled his car with gas or stopped for a snack on the way home rather than hounding him for receipts or him panicking if he forgot to get one.

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