Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Thankful #10-16

Okay, very behind on this. That's what happens when you go away!

November 10: NO traffic to Cape Cod and a great ride with my mom. So glad we get along better now that I'm older.

November 11: Vacation days to use. You might have had Veteran's Day off, but my company does not observe it. I haven't taken a day off for something fun in a long time.

November 12: Family time.

November 13: Homecomings.

November 14: Leftovers!

November 15: Canned black beans. I had to make soup for a work potluck, and it's much easier when the beans are already cooked!

November 16: I'm thankful for my cousin, Josh, who made me a cousin! (he's my very first first cousin) Happy birthday dude! Even if you won't read this.

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