Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Being Thankful in November

One of my college friends posted on her Facebook that for the month of November, she's going to comment each day on what she's thankful for. I figured I'd do the same, but over here as well. Since I started late (ha, I'm never ready for anything), this post will be from yesterday, and tonight's will what I was thankful for today. Easy enough, right?

November 1: tonight I am grateful for power, warmth, and a nice evening with my hubs.

(OK so I used grateful instead of thankful, but whatever...)

I'm not going to be able to share why I'm thankful every day, because some things need no words. Just to give a few words to yesterday's post: many people in my state have been without power for days now, following our lovely freak autumn snow storm. We never lost power. The difference between losing power now vs. back during Hurricane Irene is that it's 30-40 degrees colder. If we had lost power this time, we would be using our wood stove and sleeping in that room, but we'd have no water. AT ALL. And I don't know if that cemetery pump up the street would work!

As for the nice evening--we both had crazy days yesterday and I ended up having to work late while C got home before me. So dinner kind of fell through and we had to resort to takeout. But we managed to enjoy each others company and just relax. And then, at 10:30 PM, I revamped what was supposed to have been last night's dinner into something in the crock pot, it cooked while we slept, and this morning, dinner was ready! Crisis averted...sorta.


  1. Hey! I just decided i'm doing this on my blog. . . so I will. . . actually blog once in a while! Hahaha! :)


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