Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pretty Happy Funny Real

Haven't done one of these in awhile! If I wanted, I think I could do a link up every day now, so many bloggers have started them. They are fun, but I really should write more substantive posts.

~Pretty Happy~

Lilly and Sammy are pretty happy sitting on my Classic Penguin (or is it Penguin Classic? The bag has both sayings, one per side) bag. This accompanies me to errands and appointments. I don't get the attraction to the bag. In Sammy's defense, it was day time and the southern light was coming through our slider, so it was a warm nap spot. Lilly, however, was perched up there at night. Random!

(Ha, I made a publishing funny! Since Random House and Penguin are now going to be under the same ownership. Yeah, you probably didn't get that one. Trista might, and maybe Anne?)

I was waiting for our other cat, Bella, to hop on the bag, but no such luck...

This came in our boat's registration renewal from the state. I thought it was more than funny, more like hilarious. First, the hokey Boat Safe - Boat Sober. Then the use of Lucida Handwriting (or is it Casual?) to caption the drawing (you might have to click on the image to see it better). Then what the Lucida was used to say "Get it on Connecticut!" Which doesn't make me think of putting on a life jacket...

LASTLY, the drawing! When I posted it to Facebook, Elizabeth said it looked like a hydra, which is funny since it IS water related. I think it's supposed to be a life jacket?


I promise, I'm almost 33, not almost 83. Yet, I have one of these pillboxes. For real. I had one in college, but it was just one box per day, since I took everything at the same time. Then I went through a period of time where I didn't need to remember what to take when or wasn't taking a LOT of things. Now that I'm working with a NaPro doctor and a new Creighton instructor, they both have me taking LOTS of things to try to regulate my cycles. Some of the things I've been on for awhile, some things I need to take at different times. I was getting tired of clutter from all the bottles and containers. So what do we have here?

AM: calcium chew (using them up, I don't have a problem with pills, obviously), Vitamin C, Vitamin D x3, Spironolactone (androgen blocker), Lisinopril/HCTZ (blood pressure), and Adderall (I do have ADD, which I don't think I've talked about before, I try to down play it since I HATE having it).

PM: fish oil, Metformin, multivitamin, Vitamin C. I also take Celexa right before bed, but that's on my dresser.

My hope is to get off the Lisinopril soon. My doctor is willing to let me wean down if she likes what she sees the next time I go to the doctor, and I am starting to have low blood pressure symptoms :-) My very mild depression and anxiety is at bay most of the time and the dose of Celexa I'm on is low. Also, Celexa is a weak drug and isn't often prescribed for people with depression. I've been on more of it in the past. I'd like to get off of that too. And the Adderall. It helps, a lot. I'm afraid of getting pregnant because I would have to discontinue it...and I don't know how I'd function. That's for another post.

~See more at Like Mother, Like Daughter!~

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  1. love those kitties- we have a tuxedo too but he is short haired

    sorry about the drugs- at least most of them are vitamins- I am TRYING to get into auto-pilot habits like apple cider vinegar...sardines....RAW salads....because when I do these things I feel so good


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