Friday, March 15, 2013

Quick Takes #14

Number 14: New Developments--Back to Books!

 It's not September, yet, but it'll do!

A note before we begin: last week, I wrote about the women in my family and where they were when they were my age. Several people commented that I needed to create my own story--don't worry! I am! I just never thought I'd be 33 and not yet a mom...that's all. Thanks for the comments and the votes of confidence ;-)

And for el-e-e--how do I know so much about my great-grandparents? I don't know, I just do! LOL I think it's because my mom and her siblings were the only grandchildren for those grandparents so they spent a LOT of time with them. My mom, aunts, and uncle talked about them a lot, too. And I'm a genealogy dork...

I'll put my BONUS first:
Yes, we have a new Pope. I thought I'd get one for my birthday (last Tuesday), but the day after was acceptable. But come on--a Jesuit???? I was so hoping for the Dominican. I love them. I went to a Dominican run college. Seems like so many of my Catholic peeps went to Jesuit schools. Meh, whatever. ;-) Besides, the fact that Pope Francis is? was? Ordinary for Eastern-rite faithful in Argentina who lack an Ordinary of their own rite. (Meaning: you're Eastern Rite? Have no bishop or archbishop? Cardinal Bergoglio was your guy.) And when I googled "eastern rite ordinary," the first hit was the Vatican's Who is Pope Francis? Allrighty then. I know there are a lot of knowns and unknowns and questions about him, but remember: no one is perfect. We're all sinners. We've all made mistakes. I couldn't help but go "awww" when I saw him on Wednesday (a perk of not working--I got to see the white smoke, the announcement, and get a sweet plenary indulgence!). He came out like a timid mouse..."all of me???" And I love how he was so down to earth. Many blessed years!

1. Interview 1
On Monday I had an interview with a library in the next town over for a part time library assistant job. Found for me by my mom. First in-person interview since I've been out of work. I think it went very well, although they didn't ask me many 'tough' questions...

2. Volunteer Gig "Interview"
Wednesday I met with the office manager of a local nonprofit that provides books to kids and meets with new parents in the hospital to provide them with books and information on the importance of reading to young children. I learned of this organization while I was working at the bookstore, years ago; I had done some joint event work with some of their staff, so it was nice to re-meet old faces. I start on Monday. I only wish I'd contacted them sooner; they were more than happy to have me come aboard!

3. Interview 2
On Thursday, I had another interview. YES. Two in a week! I don't think that has ever happened in my life! This was also at a library for a part time library assistant job. (This one isn't as close to home, but not too far either). Found for me by my friend, who is the head of technical services at this library. Don't worry, she won't be my boss. That interview also went well, even though they asked more typical interview questions. More hours, but less money than library 1. Also, they have more of a fixed schedule vs. library 1. Already getting ahead of myself, acting like I'm going to get more than one offer...

4. Back to books in another way...
For those who don't know, at one point in my life I was in grad school. Well, there were three different times, but the last one was for library science. I'd taken two classes, then I was promoted and my work life got busier. Trying to start a marriage and be ALL THE THINGS left little time for school and I was feeling pulled in too many directions, so I gave it up. I have all of this time, and I'm not having much luck in finding full time work in what I'm trained in/familiar with, so why not finish my masters in library science? I had been thinking about it before I had even applied for the jobs, or interviewed, so when I heard about these openings, it cemented the decision. Of course, I need to contact the school about re-enrolling, oh, and APPLY this time. Which also means getting recommendations, re-taking the GRE, but IT IS OKAY. Now I have lots of time to do all of this stuff. Four or five years ago--not so much. Plus, if I get one of these jobs, I'll have REAL on the job training before I graduate. My friend, the librarian from above, told me that her director will not interview anyone who has a masters without real experience. Good to know! And so many people can't afford to stop their full time job while in school. Not that it won't be tight, but it's an investment. And Chris is fine with me doing this--the only condition: FINISH YOUR DEGREE THIS TIME :-) (and my friends agree)

5. Another library opportunity, courtesy of Mom
While I was on my way home from the volunteer gig, my mom called to tell me about another library assistant opening. (Why is she finding them and I am not??) This one was in her school district, at another elementary school. More hours and more pay than the other two library jobs, but only 10 months (duh, it's a school). I applied yesterday, so hopefully I'll get a call about that one. 

6. "Fired" and saying no
Tonight I got an email from one of my freelance clients, saying he no longer needed my services, but to send him a final invoice. I was taken aback, but I sent him a brief email, letting him know I was sorry to see this, and asked him if there were any problems. He wrote back shortly--no problems, he's out of money for the project. Phew! It's OK. I wasn't really feeling like I was doing much for him. And as I'm getting busier with other things, I wasn't sure how much time I'd have to even try to help. I had an opportunity to interview for a local online paper, but given that the paper covers one of the towns that I've interviewed in and the one that I could be interviewing's probably not a good idea that I get mixed up with being a town employee AND occasionally writing about the town. Even if I don't get the jobs, it didn't interest me as much as it did when I had first applied. And that is OK.

7. TMI development of sorts
In my Creighton/NaPro saga, things are finally straightening themselves out. I have a new instructor who is WONDERFUL. I am seeing "changes" where I should be, so my body might be starting to wake up after it played Sleeping Beauty for years.

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  1. #2: Our NICU in Montana had a similar program where they provided books so we could read to our babies. The county library found out and sent books with us every week. Daniel was a literate baby by the time he came home!

  2. Oooh the volunteer gig sounds awesome, and I'm really hopeful for one of the paid gigs to work out!


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