Thursday, March 7, 2013

Two posts, one day

Just a quick follow up on my recent Pope post, since I got some comments, and I'm not sure who goes back to see if I've commented on THEIR comments! My comments are below in italics.

  1. I was wondering how this would play out in the Eucharistic prayer at our Roman church, too. This was the first weekend with no Pope to pray for in that spot in the Eucharistic prayer.... and then I decided not to go to Mass. So I still don't know! 

    Hahahaha, now you'll be in suspense for next time! 

  2. During the Eucharistic prayer yesterday I paid special attention. Instead of "With Benedict, Our Pope." They said, "With Benedict, Our Pope Emeritus." 

    I like that they still included him, since he still needs our prayers.

So what happened on Sunday at our church? See, in a Byzantine Divine Liturgy, we mention the Pope a few times, so there were multiple times for our priest to forget or get tripped up. The first two times the priest made the transition flawlessly...he just said "for our Metropolitan William, for all the bishops," etc.

Then my husband had to say something. Nice going, Chris. (He's an altar server, if you didn't know.)

Just before the consecration, I see Chris lean into Father and whisper something. Father smiles and nods. Then starts the prayers. During the consecration, he walks away from the altar with the Holy Gifts and in and out of the doors of the iconostasis (icon screen) all the while praying out loud. Followed by Chris, who holds a candle. There is another Pope mention at this time. Father started to say "for our Po-" and then abruptly cut to "for our Metropolitan..."

What I didn't see, but found out later, was that when they got back behind the iconostasis, my husband waggled his finger at Father and gave him a look. Then the two of them were laughing. I'm not horrified or anything, I actually find it funny that they can laugh at themselves while up there. The only reason Father was so flawless with the earlier mentions was because he has his books, with which he follows along. When he went to take the "walk," he was doing it from memory. Even though Chris reminded him. I wonder if Chris' reminder ended up confusing him, and he would have been fine had he not said a word!

Just before dismissal, Father came out to read the announcements, and commented on the lack of a prayer for the Pope, then explaining why we don't say it at this time. So, since I know SO many of you were hanging on to find out what happened, there ya go!

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