Friday, March 22, 2013

Quick Takes #15

Number 15: This week was messed up and random.

1. No job...then maybe job? 
I found out that I didn't get the job at library one on Wednesday, but it was the nicest rejection I'd ever received, and I was really OK with the fact that I didn't get the job. And then, this morning, the library called again. To see if I was still interested, things had changed. It's not official yet, I have to wait for them to get their ducks in a row, but they will be calling on Monday. I'm so glad I reached out to the woman after she called and left the "we liked you but NO" voicemail. I emailed her thanking her again, hoping our paths would cross in the future. I never expected it to be two days later!

2. "I wish I had called you sooner!"
That's what I said at the volunteer gig, when I started yesterday. It was great to get back out and be working around people and doing something positive for others. They need a lot of help, just with the sorting and organizing of books. I really wanted to go back over today, but I have things to do here. I hope the kids like the books that I picked out for them. 

3. The Incredible Shrinking Woman
Ha, I wish. Getting there, maybe. Today at my weigh in I wasn't down much, but we measured me for the first time in 6 weeks. I've lost another 2 inches from my waist and 2 inches from my hips, which leads me to my next thought: I need new workout clothes. What I have now is so sloppy and old. However, I'm falling all over the place on the size charts--ranging three sizes and both the regular women's department and the plus sized department. And people wonder why women hate clothes shopping...

4. A long way to go...
Chris and I had applied for life insurance a few months ago. I heard from our agent last Friday about the status of our applications. Chris' is almost finished; the company is ready to finalize their quote. Mine is another story. When we started the process, our broker told us the lowest price the policies would be per year, but warned that the insurance company reserved the right to raise them if they didn't like something about our health history. Because of my weight, I'm being quoted the most expensive rates, and they haven't even looked at my medical records yet. I can lose the weight before we finalize things, but we'd have to start the process again for my policies; they actually told me how much I'd need to lose, which is helpful. It's only about 30 pounds, or else I'd have to pay $500 extra per year. So now I have a nice incentive to keep on losing...which I need to do anyway. Bonus: in 30 pounds, I'll be at the weight I would feel comfortable being pregnant, sooo.... ;-)

5. Easter, just 'round the corner
We are hosting Easter this year, as we did last year, yet I haven't done much in terms of planning or preparation. I think we'll have lamb again--last year Chris did a fantastic job marinating the leg for 2 days and then we slow cooked it in a very low temperature oven. It was outstanding--even the leftovers were amazing and I'm not one for leftover lamb. My FIL is going to make a turkey (I don't know why, but OK). I need to ORDER said lamb or all we'll be eating is that turkey, ha. And clean this house. I'm not a fan of early Easter; it just feel weird.

6.  Going on leave
Not me, obviously, but Chris. His anxiety has been really bad lately and when he is anxious, his stomach goes into knots and cramps and he's just miserable and in a lot of pain. He also can't sleep, which doesn't help anything. Today he went to see his doctor again, and he (the dr) recommended that C take a leave of absence for two weeks, just to relax, rest, and take good care of himself. I hate seeing him feeling like this--both the physical pain and the worry--but I know it's for the best, otherwise he will be living in a vicious circle of worry, pain, sleeplessness, and who knows what else. If he doesn't take care of himself, it will affect his work. Of course, he worried about his employer giving him a hard time. I just hope and pray they are kind to him about all of this. 

7. I ate meat on a Friday
No, really I did. After Chris' doctor's appointment, he was hungry and actually feeling better for once, and we hadn't had a cheat day in a long time, nor had we eaten pizza (from a restaurant) in over six months. So pizza it was--with bacon, sausage, and pepperoni. Separately, not together, with plenty of leftovers. We cannot eat like we used to! Of course, now I want to go take a nap, haha. It's intriguing how our bodies respond to food.

If there are any issues with this post or if it looks weird, I composed it on the iPad!

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