Sunday, December 12, 2010

The 1000 Challenge, part 4

I'm at 200/1000. Christmas shopping will do that to you :) Plus, it was around 50* here on Saturday, so why not take advantage of the beautiful, sunny, weather and park further away from the stores to get some extra activity in?

I don't think I'll make 1000/1000 by 12/31, but it has made me pay more attention to my movement/activity level. While it's important for everyone to be active and stay moving, for me, it's even MORE important. I have some health issues that can be exacerbated by not moving/being fit...and I really don't want to be a statistic. (Although, sadly, I'm heading in that direction...but as my primary doctor says, "it's NOT permanent.")

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  1. type 2 diabetes? I was diabetic during my second to the last pregnancy (had to take insulin)- I controlled my diet REALLY well with baby #4, so I didn't get diabetes- but now, I'm not so sure...


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