Sunday, December 12, 2010

Meal plan, week of 12/12

Sunday--We went out for dinner, just down the street to our local favorite place for burgers. We were supposed to have haddock, which was supposed to have been yesterday's dinner. Yesterday I was too busy running around Christmas shopping and doing stuff around the house, so we had roast chicken thighs instead to supplement the few ribs that were left over from Friday night. Tonight, the haddock was STILL not yet thawed! At least it's not going to waste, like I've done in the past...

Monday--haddock, tater tots, salad (last try for this one!)

Tuesday--breakfast (probably bacon and waffles, with peaches that we picked over the summer, scalded to take the skins off, and froze)

Wednesday--chicken cacciatore, over pasta, with veggies or salad


Friday--shepherd's pie, which is pretty much a meal in one pan! I use beef and throw a TON of veggies in there.


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