Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I do some weird things sometimes

Like take pictures of my empty fridge before I go grocery shopping. See?

In the Ziploc on the very top right is a Hostess Fruitcake. Tis the season. I can only tolerate it in very tiny bites. Mostly for Turtle's consumption. And yes, there is a half-empty gallon of cider.

One lone Greek yogurt, haha.

Meat drawer has a packet of American cheese.

Vegetable drawer has a few carrots, some celery, and a bag of baby carrots. Pathetic!

Fruit drawer--ZERO.

But if you're looking for condiments, we have plenty! Including two whipped creams. Why did I buy two?? Hmm... I probably won't have to buy any for Christmas now.

Look! No more evidence of the slow cooker fiasco! All clean.

Just realized that I should take some pictures of the "after" look:

It looks pretty much the same, but I swear, there is food in there. Especially since I spent over $100--there better be something to show for it!

Milk, creamer...oh look the lone Greek yogurt has 4 new friends! And sour cream...I bought more than just dairy items, really.

Our dinner is also back in the fridge--the Ziplocs on the second shelf on the right hold green beans and some kolbasi.

The fruit drawer is still empty...but wait a minute.

What's that in the veggie drawer?

Oh hello, portabellas! Peppers! Cukes! So lovely to have veggies in the house again. There's celery and carrots and some heads of Romaine in there, too.

Here's the fruit! Bananas, Bosc pears, Macintosh apples....and some tomatoes, which technically are a fruit.

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