Sunday, February 27, 2011

Bathroom update

The wallpaper is GONE and the ceiling has been treated with 2 coats of Kilz, as I posted last week.

Yesterday I painted the ceiling, and will do another coat today.

HOPEFULLY I can start the wall color on Tuesday? Maybe??? (Monday is my last sewing class :( ) I am SO excited to crack open that can that's been sitting in the bathroom for a week now.

The trim is troubling to me though. I'm not sure if I should prime it. It's dusty rose or pink or whatever heinous color. So is the door. I want those to be white. I'm wondering if the white paint will "lay" better on primed materials...hmm...



  1. just for fun....calculate the hours you are working on the bathroom and multiply by the going rate for a contractor. You will be so proud of your work and all of your 'sweat equity'

  2. Oooh good one! I will think back to what I've done so far and post that when I post the "after" pictures.

    I did end up priming the door and the window trim last night. Will prime the baseboard just before I start cutting in for the walls. Almost there!!!


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