Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I feel a little grumbling coming on...and gratitude, too.

Grumble: A lot of stuff is now blocked at work, so while I can read blogs in Google Reader, I probably cannot post comments. That means I can't post to my own blog either--not that I was keen on this in the first place. Going to have to start emailing myself notes about blog topics (or complete posts), if I'm serious about making more of an effort with the blog.

It also means that a message board that I've belonged to for over 5 years is now blocked again. There goes my bantering with friends during the day as I wrote about in the comments under this post: "I am a member of a message board that's been around a long time. Some of the people I have never met, but I talk with them almost daily and know more about some of them than I do my "real life" friends. Most of this socialization is done during the work day." Yup, EPIC FAIL.

Gratitude: Thank you for the comments on yesterday's post. That meant a lot, that people would weigh in with their thoughts, and it's interesting how we've all experienced this kind of feeling/situation.


  1. YAY for that message board! Even though I basically never go there anymore. . . so glad I still keep in touch with you!!! :)

    BOO to internet blocking. :( My work blocks EVERYTHING. . . but seeing as I'm in HR, I never go to anything interesting anyways!

  2. Oh no, not THAT message board--there was one that spun off of that one that someone created. I hardly go to the "original" board anymore, myself! I know, I'm glad we keep in touch too :) It's funny, a lot of "original board" people are FB friends--I wonder if you knew that?


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