Thursday, February 17, 2011

Finished my apron...

And here it is!

I laid it on the dining room table, then stood on a stool to get a good "aerial" shot. (Wow, my table pads actually don't look so bad from this angle. I'd pulled back the tablecloth since it was kind of dusty and furry [yay cats] and laid the apron on the pads.)

And here's a close-up of the fabric. The main part is green with watermelons and black dots. The pockets, trim, and ties are a "hot pink" with white polka dots but it's not THAT hot of a pink.

I did press it in class, after I finished it, but it got a bit wrinkled on the way home, while it was tucked in my sewing box.

Next up--the quilt!


  1. very cute! are you going to start selling them on etsy?

  2. so sweet- you'll be thrilled to do the dishes (maybe)

  3. KC--hahaha, I wish! I don't think I'm that good, yet. Plus, I'm sure there are a million other apron sellers.

    PW--ha! Mayyyybe. We did just have to replace our dishwasher, so I'm thrilled to be doing dishes in that manner, vs by hand, the way we were doing them for 2 weeks.

  4. So cute! I imagine you serving lemonade at a BBQ in that apron. The watermelon fabric is so summery.

  5. Thanks Meghan & IG! I have fabric left over--more than I'd thought I'd have...might be making some kind of mat/runner thing for our outside table this summer.

  6. That's so cute! I totally want but, but I'm lazy and a shopaholic so I'll most likely just buy one :P


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