Monday, February 21, 2011

It's over

For this bathroom at least.

The wallpaper in the half bath has been removed. What a mess that made! Who knew that a few feet of border would come down in teeny little snowflake sized pieces? Or that they'd "travel" all over the house on my feet? That's always fun...

I don't think I shared this project here--I might have alluded to it here, but here's the story. I wanted to re-do the half bath that's just off our kitchen. Like the eternal procrastinator that I am, I waited forever to do it. Finally on Saturday, I started.

The ceiling was first, since we'd had some leaking in the fall due to a clogged gutter, which left some fun looking pond ripple-like stains. The two coats of Kilz that was applied covered the stains very well. If you look closely, you can see a bit of the ripples, but the ceiling paint should cover that without a problem. There were also some taping issues, but I was able to smooth those out with some spackle.

Then came the wallpaper border removal, and like I posted yesterday, it was not pleasant. Took longer than I'd ever imagined. Growing up without things like wallpaper, sheet rock, and paint, this is a whole new world for me. Turtle just laughs when I get SO EXCITED! about a project, then 20 minutes into it, I'm regretting starting it. He grew up with having to help paper and paint; he knows how badly a project can be.

After I paint the ceiling (which should have been done today, but that didn't work out), I will move on to the good stuff. THE WALL COLOR. I ended up going with California's Floating Feather, which was a good match to Glidden's Dapper Tan. We don't mess around with paint here, while there are cheaper brands, we prefer to spend a little more to get a better look. We like California because despite their name, they are a New England company and are low VOC. Plus Turtle's mom swore by them, and since I know nothing about paint, really, I'll defer to her (via her son) for this stuff.

Oddly enough, when I googled "Floating Feather" to see if anyone else out there had used it, I found an entry about this painting on Wiki:
While that's interesting, it looks NOTHING like this Floating Feather, and our half bath will look NOTHING like this painting!

Then when the walls are done, it's back to the (boring) trim and door. Bye bye pink, hello crisp bright white! Then up goes the new curtain, out come the new towels, bring back the trash basket and pictures...and the mirror. I'm not thrilled by the mirror--it was left with the house, so I might be on the lookout for something new, soon. I'd love something very simple--a rectangle shape with a white frame. Maybe I can thrift hunt for this and paint it myself?

This is the mirror we have now. No thank you. It's frosty and flowery and just not us, nor will it look right in the bathroom once the rest of the re-do is complete.

Now I'm kicking myself for basically wasting my day off when I could have been painting the ceiling and getting ready to do the walls. Procrastination rears its ugly head yet again. (At least I got dinner made and dishes done though. Be thankful for small miracles, haha.)

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