Thursday, March 24, 2011


I was just banned from tonight! I know why, and it's hilarious! I'm cracking up over here, and just sent the admins a very nice email explaining the situation and asking to be un-banned. It's all because they get sensitive about multiple accounts being registered to the same IP address. When I registered 5 years ago, we weren't married nor living together! In fact my ONLY post was about being two different rites and getting married!

As someone who has been a moderator on a message board, I actually understand where they are coming from, and can appreciate their security measures. All of those trolls and spammers.


My husband and I are both members of ByzCath--he is [username] and I am [username]. Tonight, I logged in after not using my account for almost 5 years, while my husband was already logged in. He is on the forum regularly and has his information set to automatically keep him logged in.

I then received this message:

Your account has been banned or locked. This ban will expire on 03-14-2012 11:19 PM. If the Administrator has specified a reason for this ban, you will find it below.

Contact the administrator as to why this is the second account registered to the same computer.

I am contacting to let you know that we use the same computer (it's the only one we have) and that is why two accounts were using the same computer. Human error!

If you could please un-ban us that would be wonderful!

Thank you,
[Rabbit's real name]


  1. Haha, yup, we're a bunch of troublemakers over here, making up fake accounts to spread all kinds of nonsense!

    Fortunately, someone emailed back fairly quickly with, "Sorry. An overzealous moderator noticed that two people logged in from the same internet address. That's usually a problem.

    I've restored your access. Please let me know if you encounter any more difficulties."

    Not too shabby. Now let's see if I actually post anytime soon...


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