Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I did something STUPID tonight.

We'd been getting calls and messages from someone about a debt for a few weeks now. We have no debt, besides our mortgage, so we were ignoring it. Tonight I actually picked up when they called because I was tired of the calls and messages. But while I was talking with the person, they were kind of poking at me about not picking up and not returning their calls, and I told them they were harassing us and "we can't pick up the phone when no one's home all day!"

IDIOT. Who says that!?!?!?! Me.

It's probably going to be OK, but we did a little research and found out that the number that has called us is connected to some guy who's recently been arrested and will be extradited to another state. It's interesting, but we're a little worried about being robbed or something. He knew DH's name. He was trying to contact us about our mortgage--but the bank he said was not OUR bank and DH's birthday/SSN were NOT what he had. At least I didn't tell him THOSE things.

Please--good thoughts and prayers that we'll be OK and nothing will come of this slip of the tongue while in annoyance!

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