Sunday, March 20, 2011

Thank you for your comments on Ash Wednesday!

Because of life craziness--including cars, work, and other things--I wasn't able to say thank you sooner, or reply to the comments.

So here we go!

Priest's Wife--thank you for linking to my post!

Jessica--what's funny is this year, I saw more non-Catholics (both in blogs and IRL) talking about Ash Wednesday. I really didn't think many other Christians gave it much thought; perhaps it's a new thing? I always felt like evening ashes were pointless, especially a 7pm service, if you go right home, then go to bed a few hours later, but that's just me!

IlliniGirl--no worries, it's not even an obligatory day ;-) LOL at your story!

Ana--thanks for stopping by, I hope you see this post replying to your comment. I have yet to attend a Clean Monday service, and this year, we were both sick so we didn't make it to Liturgy the Sunday before Lent started. Re Orthodoxy: My husband always says that if things in the Byzantine church get bad, he'd go Orthodox! I had no idea about Easter carols!

Catherine Alexander--thank you also for stopping by!

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