Friday, April 8, 2011

A Day in the Life of a Stay at Home Rabbit...

Friday, April 8, 2011

7 AM--alarm goes off, go to guest room, laze in that bed for about 1/2 hour. Visited by 2 out of 3 cats.

7:25--finally get out of bed, take AM meds, make sure DH is up since we have to leave for the oral surgeon (wisdom teeth extraction) in about an hour, talk with him for 10 mins or so, then leave him to shower & shave while I go eat. So rude to eat in front of someone on a medical fast.

7:45--in the kitchen. Make myself breakfast--2 eggs scrambled, with leftover rice, some cannelini beans, and cheddar cheese. If only I had some salsa...

8 AM--back upstairs, hop in the shower. Get dressed, comb hair, put some makeup on.

8:25--downstairs, put shoes on, gather up stuff to do while in the waiting room.

8:35--in the car, backing out of the driveway.

8:45--pull into surgeon's parking lot, head inside, check in.

9 AM--DH goes off with a dental assistant. I settle in with my MP3 player, some water, and a packet of info from our financial planner. I take a quiz that shows I'm low to medium risk. Ha! Really? ;-) Try to remember our monthly expenses while filling out a budget sheet. If only I had a laptop and had my excel files with me...

9:45--DH is done! I go back to see him, he's chatting away. Everything went smoothly. We get our instructions, I go get the car.

9:55--heading home, chatting away. DH's speech is VERY slurry. Is that the drugs or the gauze? Who knows. But he's making sense so that's good.

10:15--get home, help DH in the house and into bed. Back out to the car to gather our things.

10:30-11:30--change gauze 2x, play with the cats, throw in a load of dishes and laundry, prep potatoes for mashed potatoes later, prep meatloaf ingredients, pick up a bit, made a phone call, took out the trash and recyclables.

11:30-12:30--bring up ice packs and change gauze. And water. Check email and FB. Take away ice. Change gauze. Blog a bit. Read some articles online. Debate starting meatloaf. Think about when to go on painkillers run. Change gauze.

12:30-1:30--mix meatloaf, put in oven, deal with laundry issues (including why a load of blankets didn't spin out all of the way), clean up the kitchen. Bring up DH some jello, hang out and chat while he eats, talk about going for painkillers and movies, let the cats in to see him. Get radio from basement, bring back upstairs. Leave him to rest, head back downstairs, check meatloaf. Get mail, walk around house looking at all of the weeds that have sprung up in just a few weeks of non-snowy conditions. Must have been all of that WATER to help them along.

1:30-2:30--start email to former boss, timer goes off, pull out meatloaf. Make snack. Work on email to old boss. Check job postings online. Finish email to old boss. Check the patient, gauze change.

2:30-4:15--leave house to procure pain meds and movies, drive to CVS that is located near a Blockbuster, since many of them around here (around the country?) are going out of business. Tell the woman at CVS that I'll be back in about a half hour. Go to Blockbuster. I have a list of movies to buy if they are cheap enough and movies to rent. It's Turtle's lucky day (or I'm a sap) but he gets 6 DVDs for $40 and we each get a rental. It's about 3:45 at this point, and obviously I've taken longer than I'd planned, so I head back to CVS. Grab Turtle a new toothbrush since he needs a soft one and a few other things. Head to the pharmacy counter. Guess what wasn't ready. I'm glad I said a HALF hour, yet gave them an hour. Prescription was in "holding" since it was a narcotic, but whatever. Pay, leave, drive home.

After this, the day sort of blurred. I know I went home and ate dinner at some point. Did some cleaning up, etc. Then Turtle came up with this great idea to go to a grocery store to pick up a few things. I actually said to him, "I know you've been laying low all day, and probably feel wonderful, but I haven't. I'm actually a little tired right now. I need to relax for a bit. Then maybe we can go."

7:15--backing out of the garage and off to the grocery store! Home by 8:15, then watched a movie, and bed. I was so tired.

Next will be a "typical" Working Rabbit day. I don't know when, so just hang tight.

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  1. 'They' say that wives should never mother their husbands- EXCEPT for when he is sick- then mother away! :)


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