Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I can't get my hair clean

People, this is a problem.

The last time I really washed my hair was Friday afternoon. On Saturday, I was in a wedding, complete with a fabulous up-do. I washed my hair prior to the rehearsal dinner on Friday night, so that it would have time to get "dirty" enough for my hair to go up. If dirty hair styles better than clean, I would love to go get an up-do NOW.

Anyway, I put a ton of product in on Friday to make it look good (or so I thought, my attempts at bringing out the natural wave were thwarted, but I am getting a new cut at a new salon, details to come!). Saturday's style required 5 cans of hairspray. I joke, but seriously, a lot was used. I also have a LOT of hair. And it is THICK. And wavy. You should see all of the pins that were used, too. Maybe that will be my funny or real for this week's PrettyHappyFunnyReal.

I know, people pay money for perms, curlers, thickeners, extensions, etc. and yes, I am blessed to have this...mane of bulk. But, should the bridesmaid's hair take longer than the bride's????? When she has super kinky/curly hair? She was done with her MAKE UP and I was still getting my hair done. All I had done was have my hair curled, then pinned up in the back, making a very loose bun.

On Sunday, I was able to rock the curls by unpinning the bun and pulling my hair back with a headband. Looked great, was nice and bouncy, and very fun. It was still very stiff when I touched it and my head was already very itchy from the lack of oxygen reaching my scalp.

Yesterday, I washed it, and it took forever. It was around noon when I touched the back of my head and realized that my hair felt...gross. Like I'd put too much of some product in (no) or that I didn't wash out all of the shampoo (possible) or that the HAIR SPRAY WAS STILL IN MY HEAD (VERY possible).

Ugh. I pulled it back into a ponytail to save me from any embarrassment.

Off to try again. This time I might just fill up the bathtub, and stick my head in it to let my scalp and hair soak for a few minutes. Which is what I should have done either Sunday night or yesterday morning. And, my scalp is still itchy.


  1. ....you might try washing in white vinegar...and then shampoo and conditioner

  2. A friend just had the same problem and tried rinsing in apple cider vinegar and now swears by it.

  3. Funny you both should mention vinegar--a few years ago, I tried to do the "no poo" thing and used a lot of apple cider vinegar, but wound up with pretty greasy-looking hair. Monday & Tuesday were both gross hair days. This morning, I ended up grabbing some baking soda that I keep in the bathroom for cleaning and putting that in my hair (also a "no poo" product). It worked! Much cleaner now.

  4. Neat! I might try it after hearing your success. I go through lots of baking soda! lol


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