Thursday, April 14, 2011

I, too, can specialize in awkward

(Title stolen from IlliniGirl's Facebook "thing" where you post something about yourself. Visit her blog--it's over there to the right.)

Guess who's rocking a snazzy purse today?

Of course, it's me. I'm looking for a picture of it, because it's just SO awesome that I'm sure everyone will want one, but sadly no one has thought it important to upload a picture of it to the internet.

I'll have to describe it. Imagine a reusable shopping bag, the kind you can get anywhere. Then imagine it being BRIGHT RED with this logo on it. CLASSY! Don't worry, it's safe for work and children. It's very...texty.

Yup, that's what I'm schlepping around with me today.

I'm sure you're wondering why. That's where my specialization in awkward comes in.

I bought a Snapple iced tea this morning. The one that Bret Michael's name is on. That stuff is delicious and it's diet. Well, I took a sip or two, then put it in my regular purse...and it leaked. A lot. Fortunately there was a lot of iced tea left, but enough was gone to make my purse un-carryable for work, even after I sopped up what I could. It's currently on my passenger's seat, flipped inside out, hopefully drying in the sunlight. Good thing it wasn't leather. (When I ran out at lunch to do some errands, I thought my car smelled sort of nice. But it's still wet.) Luckily I had my SNAZZY makeshift purse in my door compartment thing (please let me know if you know what that spot is called), so I threw most of what was in my purse in there. When I ran out for those aforementioned errands, I took only my wallet, keys & phone. I left everything else in the car. That would look really special, going into the bank to make a deposit, and there's me with that SNAZZY purse.

And if you are interested in one, have no fear because we have several like these at home. Turtle got them for free through work. But only I get the one with the CVS Greenbag Tag! My SNAZZY purse is a limited edition model. And hopefully will be retired tomorrow.

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