Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today: good, bad, then good again

Today was going to be a good day. I was going into work very late, since we had an appointment with a financial planner this morning. We had breakfast at a bagel shop in my hometown, which neither of us had been to before. It was wonderful to take our time, not be in a rush, then head over to the man's office. The appointment went very well; we liked the planner immediately, he seems like he's a good fit for us and our personalities.

Then we went our separate ways--Turtle for his usual 12 to 8 Wednesday, me for an abbreviated day, although I'd be staying very late. Work was...challenging. My boss, who has been there less than 2 months, has lots of great ideas and very little knowledge as to how things work in the office and with the company. I got in at 11:45, by 12:15 I had a headache. And was annoyed. Then the programmers didn't upload files that I'd asked them to upload last night, for an email blast that was going out today. Then I was angry. I thought about some things in my non-work life, which made me sad. Mostly me and my health, and how a few people have disappeared recently, despite my reaching out.

I wasn't feeling that great by the time I left work around 7 pm. I dreaded the drive home, even though I knew I was making steelhead trout for dinner and it's one of our favorites. I reached our house, walked inside, and WOW! All of our ceilings had been painted. The kitchen looked fabulous--it had been filled with nail pops and bad patch jobs. Our bedroom was amazing--there had been a large stripe down the center from (I think) a taping fix that wasn't neat. It was GONE. The other areas looked great as well.

It's funny how something SO simple can lift your spirits. I then sprang to action, getting dinner in the oven, pulling things out for tomorrow night's dinner, unloading the dishwasher, etc. I even managed to move some heavy furniture away from the walls so that the painter could work on those tomorrow. If only these "little things" can pop up while I'm at work!

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  1. Work has a way of doing that! So cool that you got to come home to so much progress! :D


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