Monday, May 16, 2011

Half bath pictures and updates

Finally, pictures and details of the updated half bath! Sans new mirror though. That, hopefully, is going to be found one of these days. You might want to take a look at the before pics, here and here.

Here's the room when you walk in.

When the door is shut, from the inside. It used to be PINK. Ahh, back to white.

A gratuitous mirror picture. I really don't like it, can't you tell? I do like the dried hydrangeas that I rescued from my mom's plants. Mine aren't old enough to have dried heads yet. And the vase was my grandmother's or my aunt's. I don't know. It's a hand-me-down, aka free :)

A picture/map of Kauai from our honeymoon, and a basket with some extra towels. I think this basket was given to me.

Under the glass shelf, but above the faucet, is this little sign given to me by a friend, years ago. "Life is uncertain---eat dessert first."

Crisp white trim, and a new curtain. Those are seashells. It's hard to take a picture of the pattern, since close-ups lead to problems with the pattern fading.

This might be my favorite part of the room. The heat register was painted grey, but rusting. I found a can of almond spray paint in a clearance bin at a paint store and figured why not? SO. MUCH. BETTER.

I love the room. I don't know if it's easy to tell what the exact color of the paint is, but I'm really pleased with how it looks in here. It brings out the pattern of the tile and it brightens up the room. It's great!

Cost of the "makeover":
  • paint & supplies = $50 (For the wall paint, the spray paint, and a roller. Everything else I had leftover from painting another room.)
  • curtain = $6 on clearance!
  • towels = $10 for 4, purchased on sale & on clearance
  • decorations = free (already had everything on hand)
Total = $66


  1. looks great! aren't you glad it's done now?

  2. Thank you and YES!!!! And so is the other half! ;-) Took long enough. I don't know how people do the whole "paint a room in a weekend" thing.


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