Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I just flew in, and boy, are my arms sore.

Or however that lame-o speech starter goes.

I went for a physical on Monday afternoon. I got a tetanus shot. My arm is STILL sore. Why is this?!?! I'm not usually a wuss about any medical treatments--I get blood taken all of the time, going to the dentist is a walk in the park (ha, which reminds me to tell you all about what Turtle thinks of the dentist), etc. My mom's a nurse, we don't futz around with medical stuff. You do it and you're done.

But my arm is really sore! lol

I am glad I went for a physical, though. I hadn't been for one since probably around 2002/2003, when I graduated college and moved back to my hometown. (I can't tell you the last time I had a tetanus shot though, haha) I have been to the doctor since then, just not for a general health check up. My old doctor decided that she was retiring from private practice and is going to teach at the local medical school and, get this, GO TO AFRICA AND HELP OTHER PEOPLE. Seriously? How dare she!? My health is more important.... (I kid, I kid, I think it's cool she's doing something different)

So I have a new doctor and I think she'll be great. She came recommended from my endocrinologist who I LOVE.

I also have to have some bloodwork and "other tests" (I'll spare you the details) done because I'm having some GI upsets. So please, send good thoughts/prayers my way that it's something stupidly minor. Turtle is worried. I am not.


  1. those tetanus shots HURT. i had one last summer and could barely lift my arm for a few days.

  2. It still hurts *whines* I feel like I've been hit or wacked or something...


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