Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lenten food update

Just a quick post since I'm preheating an oven and waiting for milk to boil. Here's what we've been eating this Lent, so far:

First Monday (I forgot the technical name): shrimp scampi, rice, asparagus

"Ash" Wednesday: tuna melts (it was quick for after work)

Friday: pizza (one pie had red sauce & mozz, one was white with spinach & ricotta--YUM)

Wednesday (today): frozen mahi mahi fillets (thank you Costco) with a panko breading, mashed potatoes, salad.

I would have loved to have made Alton Brown's Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi but we have no macadamias. (That recipe is GOOD, btw) I just used his directions for how much panko, how much flour, how much butter. I'll throw some lemon juice on the fish in lieu of the coconut milk. We do have THAT, but I'm not wasting an entire can for 2 TBS.

Friday will probably be shrimp scampi again. Turtle wanted shrimp Alfredo, but no dice. See previous post as to why. At least with this shrimp scampi I can use butter and Parmesan cheese!

I promise I will get more creative...we have fish sticks from Costco in the freezer too! Don't you just want to come to OUR house?! ;-)


  1. yummmm - i love mahi mahi, it's my favorite fish.

  2. Mine too! These frozen ones from Costco ROCK! Turtle is a little more fish-obsessed than me (quality-wise) and he loved them.


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