Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Where has the weekend gone!? It's 2:52 PM as I'm typing this.

Turtle is feeling under the weather so he went back to bed for a nap around noon. We got up late and skipped church. That happens about once a month around here...we are SO good about going that we feel badly when we don't go (graaaah, Catholic guilt!) but he was not feeling well when he got up around 7, and I have a weird backache thing. I'm going to attribute that to other things going on (trying to keep this blog TMI free, or attempting to do so) and/or too much shoveling the snow that never ends.

So, I'm putzing around...did some laundry, dishes, cleaned up my Facebook profile/settings/etc a LOT, joined Twitter, checked in on some message boards. Oh! these social media obligations! *fake faints*

Now I need to finish organizing the office/library room. Ugh. All of those papers...what to do with them? I found this list from Suze Orman the other day at work.

No, I don't work in finance. I'm not even a huge fan of Suze (remember those SNL skits with Kristen Wiig? LOL "I've got my jacket...this great fake tan...") but a coworker had lent me a copy of O Magazine because one of our books was excerpted in it and I wanted to capture it for our media files. So I was doing a little extra-curricular perusing of the magazine and stumbled upon that list.

I'm hoping this list will help me to get organized. I used to be really really organized, but then I added another person to my files, and then we got a house, and everything kinda blew up. Maybe it will help you. How do you keep your financial files organized?

Also for the record, besides not being a huge Suze fan, I'm also not a huge Oprah fan. I have a love-hate relationship with her. I get the food/eating/weight thing...truly. I get her big heart and wanting to help people. What I don't like is how people follow EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. she says like she's a modern day prophet. Sheeple. I also have a little bit of an issue with her and the book industry. LOVED how she ripped James Frey apart during the Million Little Pieces scandal. I was working at a bookstore when that whole nightmare blossomed. Ugh, disaster. But I don't like how people just read things because she said to. Yes, encouraging reading is WONDERFUL. Suggesting books--great! It's a slippery slope for me, personally, when people are reading something ONLY because she said so. I encourage free thinking.

Wow, that was way off topic...I had a great weekend. Usually I spend a lot of time on my own, but on Saturday I had a special visitor. My roommate from college came to visit me (granted, I had a lot of different ones in the 4 yrs but this one lived directly WITH me for 3 of them) and we had a great visit, albeit too short. It's always too short, even when I've stayed at her house talking til midnight, then driving almost 3 hours home! LOL

Turtle and I went out for dinner later on that evening, which is rare for us, came home, and attempted a game of Scrabble...but the tiles and bag were MOLDY. Gross! Must have happened at our old place since it was mold-infestation city...soooo glad to be out of that place now. After we chucked the tiles and bag, and scrubbed our hands, we made tea/coffee and sat around and talked. It was super nice and super rare. He's been stressed a lot lately about work and since he works Saturdays we don't get a lot of time to hang out or have date nights. I hadn't said anything because I can't change his work schedule or stress, so why make him more upset, but it turns out, he'd been feeling in a rut too! So we're going to try and do this a little more often.

I ended up going to bed early (not even 30 yet and in bed before 10 on a Sat night!) but we had a really good chat. Cornball time, but I love my husband. A lot. Even in the bad times, I'm still a pretty happy girl...

OK now on to the paperwork!!!! But I must show you this: It's Suze and "Suze." Enjoy!


  1. i'm a thrower so i don't keep a lot of reciepts. i throw utility, credit card bills, etc as soon as the next bill comes or when i see that the payment has gone through.
    i'm not a big o prah fan either, although i would be more than happy to go to one of her favorite thing shows.

  2. Yeah, I don't keep a lot either. I have a spreadsheet that keeps track of what we've spent and where for each month, since we're still getting used to paying for different bills/expenses now that we're in a house. Once something's entered on the sheet, I trash the receipt.

    Hahaha, yes, I would LOVE some freebies!

  3. I am a loser because I keep forgetting to add you to my google reader. . . so I get way behind.

    I am caught up now! :)

    My Sunday was way depressing because it went waaaay too fast. . . and I went to work. Boo. I want a redo! :)

  4. GIRL! You better put me in your reader!! :)


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