Thursday, February 25, 2010

Random things about me

1. We have three bathrooms in our house and I just used one for the first time today. How long have I lived in my house? (answer at the bottom of the blog) Yeah.

2. I'm a renegade in the kitchen. I often use cake pans for cooking things instead of big cookie sheets. Like last night's fish. Two fillets in each cake pan. Why not? Cooks the same, plus the cookie sheets WERE dirty...but since I cook someone else does the dishes....and...yeah.

3. I check my checking account balance online daily. Sometimes multiple times. I think I'm hoping that some magical fairy will deposit money in there for me...

4. I've never taped a show with a VCR. I don't know how. Now that technology has moved on, and I'm still in the 90s, you can add DVR or TiVo to that list. Don't have them, don't want them. Also related, I'm really not into TV that I need to STOP. EVERYTHING. FOR. A. SHOW. There's much more to life than that.

5. I work in publishing and I never read. I think it's because I read all day at work and read about books. I know lots about books I've NEVER EVEN read. I think that's kinda cool. I do LOVE books.


  1. Personally, I love television these days. Love it. It's become so much better than it ever has. One of my favorite TV critics ( the 2000's the Golden Age of Television, and I tend to agree.

    But then again, I'm also the type of person who reads tv critics and I studied media in both undergrad and grad school, so maybe I have an inclination toward that sort of thing. I tend to analyze and criticize in addition to watching for entertainment and escapism. But whatever, everyone has their things.

  2. Yeah, I've always been on the outside of what everyone else finds interesting or is doing... My neighbors came over one time and they were like "Oh gotta go home to watch Survivor" and I was thinking "I don't watch that, please don't ask me about it" since I don't want to stick out/look more awkward than I already feel like I do!


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