Friday, February 19, 2010

No one here but me...

I'm not just talking about in my house (Turtle works til 8 on Fridays and doesn't come home until almost 9).

I'm talking about the entire street. Granted, there are only 5 other houses on it besides ours, but when I pulled into our driveway at just after 6...all of the houses were DARK.

Where is everyone!? This is creeeeepyyyyyy.

Not really, just felt like saying that ;-)

OK I must go and reorganize all of the receipts and bills and paper crap that have accumulated in our library...and do something with them. Have some time to kill before Turtle gets home.

On the menu tonight: pizza. I will try to use one of the suggested recipes next week--so don't worry, someone will get a shout-out. Try not to be TOO excited!

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